Perfect recarburising in steelmaking and foundry processes

CARBOLUX® – High tech for cast iron and steel products

Our premium Carbolux® products are used worldwide in steel and casting production. Our several decades of experience in this market segment enable us to develop premium high-tech products on the basis of natural graphite, synthetic graphite, petroleum coke and anthracite.

We use a specialist refining process to produce our various Carbolux® grades that basically differ in terms of carbon, sulfur and nitrogen contents, and in terms of form – pellets or granulate. They differ essentially in their carbon, sulfur and nitrogen content and in their form as pellets or granules.

Carbolux® products are used worldwide for basic and corrective carburisation and as inoculants to optimise nucleation in molten cast iron.

CS Additive Premium Carbolux Products

Our unique specialty: Recarburising pellets

Thanks to the comprehensive range of latest mixing, pelletising and drying equipment and our many years of experience in the production of pelletised carbon products, we are today the leading supplier of graphite carburising pellets worldwide

graphitic recarburising agent pellets from CS Additive

“Every foundry produces different castings and uses different melting processes. Accordingly, the recarburising agents have to be exactly adapted to the specific process conditions. Only this can guarantee high-quality castings and optimum carbon yield.”

Dr. Jan-Christopher Schrag

Managing Director, CS Additive

Highest quality for the production of cast iron and steel products